The Good and Bad about the New Age.

Being born an Indigo child, makes me aware of the subtle realities around me. Born in a time of great change and evolution of the human mind, it is hard to discern from the truth of what is really light and what is really dark.

There is so many new teachings that talk about how darkness and light are really one in the same, but they really aren’t and nothing in today’s world events should be ok because you are being taught to “let the negative thoughts go…go with the flow, man”.

I will say there are some wonderful ideas of the new age that all religious people should embrace, because it allows a marriage between spirituality and religion to coexist. It is wonderful that people are starting to understand how frequency and vibration works and how we are all interconnected as Jesus was even try to tell us we are brothers and sisters at the core.

There is a fabulous revival of ancient Vedas and Gita wisdom about the centers of the body that hold different chakra centers allowing balance or imbalance to happen.

But HERE are the negatives of the New Age teachings:

While our world is under a very tight control in the economic, political and religious arena by people who really were never given the authority to do so…they are bleeding the masses dry to make themselves richer and live in luxury.

I see it. Africa’s starving children is not because of God, as atheist love to claim. It is because of a corrupt system of government in many of the countries. They think of the people as lesser than them and have their wealth and fortunes while dying children just want a drink of water.

It’s not right. It’s not love.

And what the New Age teachings are about, is not human activism and coming together in love to stand up for what is right. It is about meditating alone or with a group with you eyes closed, thinking everything will be alright. But do they not feel a deeper ping of guilt for not getting up from their pillows and actually forming together?

Praying and repenting is actually very active. Because after doing so, you find the guidance you need or Signs that move you onto the next phase of solution. It doesn’t just calm the self, it is then a gift or a message to share to others.

I have discovered that we are more powerful in groups, than we can ever be as single individuals. God made us this way, in order to learn of our unity and dependency to be kind to one another and help this planet thrive. For some reason, those in charge have been able to manipulate the spiritual arena of society and have told others that everything is ok as long as you think it.

This is a lie. It is something the faithful are aware of and that is why there is an agenda against them. They don’t want the sleeping masses to wake up and see around them the corruption from within the controlled systems.

I don’t have any fear, because I know in the end after this battle between good and evil, everything gets rebalanced once again. I know I am on the side of the angels.

I advocate for people to start to come together and not let just let poor Anonymous do all the work. Maybe it is illegal to protest without a permit and you can get arrested these days, but if we all started to speak out on the internet in a massive wave of numbers with poetry, songs, stories, posts, memes, letters etc….there could be no more doubting for those who can’t SEE things yet.

We are not creators alone, we are co-creators with God. Let’s start to physically build peace. I know you aren’t really happy inside…telling yourself this lie.


All I Want to Say to Satan/Shaytan Today.

I have had enough.

I want to scream at Satan for all the lies he has been peddling to others that aliens are their fathers and mothers, even though they are our sisters and brothers.

I want to chastise him for using good people with good intentions to peddle the idea of solipsism.

I want to shake my fist at him for bringing this idea of “I AM GOD ALONE” to the minds of unsuspecting people.

I want to stick my tongue out at him for causing people to call the religious texts only fairytales.

I want to smack him for dividing us further into sects of religions, and branches of worship.

I want to cry to him for capturing the control of the media, entertainment, and internet to make evil seem good.

I want to give him a piece of my mind for making people believe that they can sit there and do nothing about the suffering and injustices going on.

I want to growl at him for making people think it is faithful people or religion’s fault for the wars and destruction when we have money at the root of all this evil.

I want to smash him for telling others that they can become God, if they become enlightened while humans.

I want to scratch at him for pushing immoral sin such as lust, sloth, greed, pride, and envy.

I want to tell the world that he has deceived them greatly thinking that when you come to him you open your third eye.

I want to show the truth that Satanism isn’t really love since it fills you with hate for all things shown and given to us by the One Creator.

I want to teach him a lesson of manipulating and corrupting the religious structures by putting only men in charge, and saying that they have been divinely chosen to tell others what to do and how to believe.

I want to bash him for slithering in the lie that our thoughts create all the events and everything you see. I did not poison the water of Flint Michigan, or cause the Great Depression from the greed of the bankers.

I want to shake others that he has whispered to and put them asleep….and tell them to wake up and show them that it is not about the SELF, it is about all of us.

But I won’t feed into the hate. 

We are trapped in a prison of selfish delusion, and it is time we shed this illusion.

We can do it individually, but eventually we will need to do it together….you will see.


And some have fell for it. Read the Signs from God and you will truly be shown the truth.