About Me

God has sent his messengers, and now it is time for a new interpretation of the Quran…by an empathic  indigo adult woman. If you don’t know what that is, then have fun googling it like I did many years ago.

Join me in my journey to discover the spiritual meanings behind the guidance of the Quran that spans over all nations and all people. I will share each post as 10 lines in English from the Quran and then show you my interpretation from these lines afterwards. I also will post personal writings, and articles that pertain to Islam. I do this to promote understanding and unity of all religions under God. Thank you for following me.

All these verses in English are found from clearquran.com and the other verses I use in articles or random musings to make a point, is searched from: http://legacy.quran.com/1

To see all Quran verses and interpretations please click on the right bar lines at the top of the title page that will take you to the Archives. You can search for a particular subject too on the left Menu bar.

If you have specific questions or need help understanding something about Islam, as a teacher in real life, I would be glad to help.

My Youtube Channel is: IndigoVoice82

Please email me: indigovoice82@hotmail.com

Salaam and may God bless you all  ❤